16th October 2013 

At approximately 20:30 yesterday evening a single wagon on a DRS train was involved in a derailment in the Gloucester area.  The train, which was conveying containerised traffic from Wentloog was on route to Daventry. 

As a result of the incident one empty box became detached from the wagon and now remains on the railway infrastructure. 

No injuries to any railway personnel or members of the public have been reported. 

Recovery operations have begun with the unaffected part of the train (remaining 13 wagons) being moved to a safe position off the main line infrastructure. 

All appropriate railway procedures have been activated, in accordance with standard industry requirements including attendance by the Rail Accident Investigation Branch and Network Rail personnel. 

DRS personnel have been in attendance throughout the night. As the recovery operation proceeds through today further updates will be provided. 

Latest Update  16th October  – 17:00 hrs

The unaffected part of the train (13 wagons loaded with 26 containers) has now departed the Gloucester area and is on route to Daventry. The containers are mainly empty returns from supermarket deliveries. 

The recovery of the derailed wagon is on-going. The unaffected part of the wagon complete with its container has been moved off the mainline whilst the derailed portion of the wagon is still being recovered. 

The empty container that remains on the Network Rail infrastructure has been secured. 

Further updates will be provided as the recovery operation continues.

Latest Update  17th October – 16:00

Recovery operations are continuing to plan today and we are able to confirm that the empty displaced container has now been successfully up righted. It will be dismantled along with the derailed section of the wagon in preparation for the removal from site. 

To support this operation there will be a road closure from midnight tonight for approximately five hours to allow specialist transport to gain access and enable the equipment to be loaded and removed by road.

DRS are working towards clearing and vacating the railway site by midday tomorrow to allow Network Rail to continue with the track repairs. 

For further information on passenger services please contact

Latest Update  18th October – 10:00

DRS are pleased to confirm that the recovery operation was successfully completed by 05:30 today. DRS has now cleared and vacated the railway site.  

Track repairs are on-going and Network Rail estimate that the line will reopen on Saturday morning. Passengers are asked to check before they travel. Further information can be found at 

We would like to thank all parties involved in this process and apologise to any passengers who have suffered disruption.

As previously stated investigations have now begun to determine the cause of the derailment.




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