Class 88 Arrival in the UK

Direct Rail Services’ Class 88002 locomotive is the first to arrive from Stadler Rail, Valencia. Ten Class 88 locomotives have been ordered in partnership with Beacon Rail Leasing Limited.


88002 Prometheus at DRS’ Kingmoor Depot, Carlisle.

The locomotive will be commissioned by Stadler, followed by a UK testing programme which will last six to eight weeks. The remaining nine locomotives will arrive via the Port of Workington by mid-spring.

The Class 88 is a true “Dual Mode” locomotive combining both 25kv Electric and Diesel Electric operating modes.  A further development of the Class 68 platform, the Class 88 is another technical innovation from Direct Rail Services, providing superior traction equipment for UK operation.

The first opportunity to be up close with the locomotive will be at the Direct Rail Services Charity Open Day at Kingmoor, Carlisle on July 22nd 2017.


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