Direct Rail Services (DRS) is to retire its iconic Class 37 locomotives, marking the end of an era for these stalwarts of the rail industry. The decision comes as part of DRS’s commitment to the environment, fleet modernisation and adapting to evolving operational needs.

Since their introduction, the Class 37 locomotives have played a vital role in DRS’s operations, from nuclear flask trains to freight services, snow clearing and much more. These locomotives have become synonymous with versatility and are a distinctive presence on the UK rail network.

DRS extends its deepest gratitude to the dedicated rail enthusiast community whose passion and support have made the Class 37 locomotives cultural icons. The “Tractors,” as affectionately known, have garnered a special place in the hearts of enthusiasts, and their contributions to the rail heritage will always be remembered.

The decision to retire the Class 37 locomotives is driven by the need to modernise their fleet, embracing newer technologies, and meeting the environmental and operational challenges of the future. This move aligns with DRS’s commitment to providing efficient and sustainable rail services.

DRS is part of Nuclear Transport Solutions (NTS), a subsidiary of the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA), who are committed to environmental improvements and meeting net zero targets.

The Class 37s currently operated by DRS will be sold through a competitive tendering process, as with the previous locomotives offered for sale, and are –

  • 37407
  • 37419
  • 37422
  • 37424
  • 37425
  • 37716

Gottfried Eymer, NTS Managing Director – Rail, said: “It is the end of an era for the Class 37s at DRS, they have been a firm favourite with staff and enthusiasts alike, but the time is right to focus on more modern and efficient engines such as our excellent Class 68 and 88s.”

The sale will be conducted through our Complete Tender Management (CTM) system and interested parties will be required to register on CTM to download the tender documents.

Viewings will be appointment only and can only be arrange as part of the tender.

CTM can be accessed at:

The CTM Tender reference is: Atamis Ref: C17754.

The Tender closing date for return of bids ITT: 13:00 15 February 2024.


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