A DRS Charity Open Day – heralded a success!!

Direct Rail Services (DRS), the UK’s best performing rail freight operator has opened its doors (for one day only) to the public. Normally the depot is under tight security arrangement but on Saturday 16th July 2011, the head office at Kingmoor Depot in Carlisle welcomed almost 2000 visitors.


Despite the rather wet start to the day, the spirits were not dampened. Music mogul Pete Waterman, a train enthusiast himself was at the depot to lend his support.

Pathfinder Tour had arranged for a special train operated by DRS which brought a group of enthusiasts to Carlisle. The passengers were dropped off at Carlisle Rail Station where coaches were waiting to take them to the Depot. The train later made a pit stop at the depot for fuelling which was a highlight for the visitors.

In aid of charities in the local area, a donation was requested upon entry and the company had raised over £8000. All proceeds will be distributed to charities through the company’s Sponsorship and Donations Committee. Many thanks to all those who had donated most generously.


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