DRS have provided Network Rail with route proving locos to ensure the various railway lines affected were safe to reopen. The lines were checked for landslips, structure checks and flooding. Lines were reopened but with damage to electrical point-work, passenger and freight services had to be diverted and DRS have played their part in supplying traincrew and locomotives to other operators to keep services moving. 

As well as providing time and financial support to help those affected by the devastating floods a project Manager for DRS is supporting Cumbria County Council Recovery Programme with the recovery efforts.

Kyle Palmer, Communications Manager for DRS said “A number of us have family & friends who have been personally affected by the devastating floods, we have been humbled by the heartfelt offers to help those in need and we will continue to do all we can over the coming months. Our thoughts are with everyone who has been affected and we hope that the little bit of support received by all those who have helped goes some way to helping the recovery efforts” 





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