Watch out…the DRS Leaf Busters are about!

Following a successful tender submission earlier in the year, DRS is significantly increasing its support to Network Rail to keep Britain’s rail network running smoothly. As the nights are closing in, the leaves are falling and DRS are working hard to make sure that the lines are cleaned of the leaves that can cause a serious loss of traction if not dealt with.

Remarkably, the 21st century has even brought with it a daily “leaf fall forecast” showing the areas of the country set to be at greatest risk. So while the idea of a leaf fall forecast that details the expected volume and the type of leaves expected to fall, is mildly amusing, the information is vital for planning effective line cleaning operations so we can all avoid the embarrassing headlines “the wrong type of leaves”.


Over the last eight years DRS and The National Delivery Service (NDS), Network Rail have collaborated to work together on a number of autumn projects which has resulted in a close working relationship and success for both respective companies. A dedicated team and separate autumn Ops Control desk combine to provide superb 24/7 performance.

The plan formulated to achieve the required results is built around a team of highly experienced and skilled DRS employees that understand the implications of railhead contamination on the network.

A DRS Leaf Busting train in action!

A DRS Leaf Busting train in action!

In line with our successful delivery of the autumn seasons to the NDS over the last few years, DRS are operating the following Railhead Treatment Train (RHTT) circuits. These include:

LNW511 West Coast Mainline North (Windermere, Barrow, S&C)

LNE07 The GSW and West Line

LNE01 South Yorkshire, Scarborough & Lincolnshire

LNE52 York Circle, Bradford, Halifax & Ilkley

EA01A, EA01C, EO03, EO05 EO55 Anglia

With DRS on the job, no leaf is safe!


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