ScotRail Alliance Winter Roadshow

Transport Minister Derek Mackay, joined DRS onboard the ‘Winter Development Train’ operated on behalf of network Rail, into Glasgow Station on Monday for the launch of ScotRail Alliance’s winter roadshow.


Visitors to the roadshow will view films and visit display stands providing an insight into how ScotRail and DRS prepare for and react to severe weather.

Mike Dalgleish, Business Manager for DRS said: “DRS were delighted to join the launch of ScotRails roadshow. The planning that goes into these operations is phenomenal for all parties. DRS have a dedicated team and a round the clock control desk that provides superb 24/7 performance. We carry out a number of seasonal works from weed spraying during spring and summer to leaf clearing throughout autumn. The ‘Winter Development Train’ is just one of the specialised units that is used to melt snow and ice on the track. We also have snow ploughs stabled all over the UK ready to be deployed and traincrew on standby ensuring we can quickly react when severe weather hits. Effective management built around a highly experienced and skilled team ensures that the network remains operational during these challenging months providing minimum disruption for both passengers and freight”.

Minister for Transport and Islands, Derek Mackay said: “We never know what the winter will bring and we have been planning extensively with the ScotRail Alliance over recent months to deliver improvements in operational response, customer services and travel advice that will ensure that rail passengers are able to plan and undertake their journeys wherever possible. I am confident that this year our rail network is more prepared than ever, with additional winter maintenance equipment at depots, and deployment of the snow and ice treatment train will keep our rail network moving during periods of extremely cold weather”.

David Dickson, Infrastructure Director for the ScotRail Alliance, added: “We are working closely with the government to make sure we deliver as robust a service as possible this winter. We have invested heavily in recent years in new equipment to keep our infrastructure open during periods of prolonged cold and have also developed a range of facilities to help keep trains running in freezing conditions. We are confident that the Scottish rail network will be as well prepared as possible for another severe winter.”


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